Online Hotel Booking

Online Hotel Check-in- A Technology That Revolutionizes Personalization

In the highly dynamic travel industry, only in the hotel check-in procedure, we have witnessed a stable trend until now. But now the emerging online hotel check-in procedure is proving a game-changer for start-up hotels or hotels operating at a low scale. Enhanced customer experience could be a reason for its popularity. Online check-in support in offering personalized service.

Reason Why Small Hoteliers Are Reluctant To Adapt To Check-in Technology?

No matter which service one is dealing with within the travel sector, the Customer is the king of all. One of the relevant sectors in the hotel booking industry making it necessary for startups to offer something unique to outstanding competitors. Through the online check-in feature, visitors can take complete control of their booking and make modifications as per their convenience. Guest can give their ID, expected arrival date and digital sign for relevant papers.
Once visitors reach the destination they can easily proceed ahead with the booking formalities. The small hoteliers feel reluctant to adopt this technology as they see it insecure to end face to face conversation with the guest. Being a small set up they are afraid to lose their valuable customer. Apart from this, Being a competitive industry they feel it tough to beat the technology of the well-established companies.
Online check-in has become the strongest part of airlines, for instance, visitors never feel reluctant in giving passport numbers, generating their boarding passes and check-in luggage. As everything is online now it significantly reduced human involvement and remove the chance to misplace any data.

Adopting Online Hotel Check-In At Startups or Small Scale Hotels

You may be the opinion that front desk check-in is the best for guests but it is not the case always. Also, it is not the factor that can be ignored before they hit the bed, use spa treatment or take a shower for best corporate get together.
Along with asking visitor ID, an online check offers a possibility to enhance the selling of services. Shifting to online hotel check-in does not affect communication. It supports the hotel management to do the right use of their time before the actual check-in of the guest. Visitor displays their expectations through online check-in and management gets time to arrange the required things mentioned by the guest.
Through this medium, you can utilize your regional awareness to offer a customized suggestion. This further supports in more rooms and add on products.
Knowledge of your visitor’s taste in advance is what supports the online hotel check-in in gaining popularity. That allows you time to arrange the guest room remarkably. Nicely maintained room along with add on amenities and features are enough to make your visitor visit again or suggest your property to others. In spite of the absence of human involvement online hotel check-in help you in impressing your guest.

Visitors Mostly Recommends Online Hotel Check-in

Traditional ways of check-in are not much convenient for visitors as they have to face many issues for single hotel booking. The issue involves problems like lines for booking, payment issue, customer support issue that turns the entire stay experience into an unexpected one. This further results in negative feedback from the guest. In other words, guests mostly prefer online check-in over front desk check-in and which also enhances the possibility for the hotels as well.
Studies also proved that over 70 percent guest comes through online check-in.
Securing time is the foremost thing that made the online check-in need of the hour. Visitors revealed that convention check intakes over five minutes whereas online check intake just a few seconds. It is known that a journey is a tiring process that made the online booking process a blessing for travelers.

Hotelier Can Enhance The Visitor Stay Experience And Other Aspects As Well

Apart from changing the booking experience for the guest, online check has huge advantages for hotel businesses. Reduced human involvement for front desk management support in securing valuable hours.
Now management got enough time for other core services and also saves funds of the hotel. Apart from this visitor feels a responsibility to check in on time as they have committed in advance and reduces the possibility of cancellation. The hotel gets the assurity of increased profit through increased room sales.
Customized service is working like a USP for all stay accommodation holders. It is quite normal that a small property owner is showing prevention in removing complete human interference but the results of online check-in are compelling enough.


Being a part of the competitive travel industry, the hotel sector is also facing challenges. Online check-in is proving a game-changer for the hotel sector. Ultimately convenience to customers is delivered the result of your hard work. This can be possible by making a shift in technology or moving to an online check-in technology from conventional ways.