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Hotel Booking System

Tecnoglare has launched an exclusive brand CIRO for advanced travel technology solutions.

What you can do

  • Sell Rooms through your own portal whether B2C OR B2B
  • Sell Rooms by distributing your log-in Ids
  • Provide extranet to hotels to feed in their hotel/room info along with their inventory into your system.
  • Provide your APIs/XMLs to agents and other organizations to be integrated into their websites

List of Features

  • Search, List and Book hotel rooms online
  • Sort hotel listing by location, price, name and star category.
  • Can be integrated with all major payment gateways
  • Customer can view rate break-up and number of available rooms, pre-set from admin section.
  • Create different mark-ups for different agents
  • Specific agent can view their applicable deposit limit set from admin
  • Agent can view their deposit details
  • Agent can cancel bookings from this interface
  • Agent can make amendments to the bookings to add or cancel room.

List of features continued

  • Manage Hotel Info, Room Info along with facilities and images from your travel portal.
  • Manage Rate contracts.
  • Manage inventory and room allocation.
  • Agent can be set up with their details, user name, password and deposit limit. Allow over limit if you want to extend credit.
  • Set up currency for the agent.
  • Allow IP Registration, which stops unauthorized access to system by agents/corporate
  • An option to restrict city and hotels display for a particular agent
  • Set-up Multi Currency Options
  • Define Mark-up categories according to %age and apply them to agents.
  • Booking Management Admin and MIS
  • Online Cancellation and partial cancellation of bookings.
  • Provide Hotels an extranet admin to load their rates.