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Hotel Extranet Booking System

Tecnoglare Hotel Extranet System works as an individual application which enables travel operators to upload their individual registered hotels and provide them entry to their web-based system so they can insert their own hotel information such as description, allocations, prices, exclusive offers, limitations).

The Booking Extranet Admin is a secured arrangement for your agreed suppliers to handle their traffic, upload charges; confirmed reservation status and deliver exclusive offers.

Hotel Extranet Booking System
Hotel Extranet Booking System

The booking extranet is generated for continuous online booking, interaction for Online Hotel reservation trade. The Hoteliers can arrange their affairs and control their entire catalog in the CRS. It supports fixing up rooms, property amenities, etc.

The central reservation system (CRS), is an automated system that reserves and disseminates data of a hotel or other accommodation amenities. The Hotel CRS is particularly acting as a booking hotel access support for the hotel industry to handle all of their digital advertising and sales.

Hotel Extranet performs the following operations:

  • Control Rooms vacancy, number of bedrooms and dates to reserve
  • Prices – Exchange Rates, Boost or decrease the prices on daily basis or duration of the visit.
  • Look all approved, Revised and dropped bookings.
  • Attaching Exclusive offers for your accommodation.
  • Produce regular Visitor Record, Booking particulars record, reversal record, Invoicing Details Record, Inventory Record and Country price records.
  • Control Policies – Payment rules, reversal rules, taxation rules, terms & Conditions and hotel policy.
  • Attach Infinite pictures and mini video(must not exceed 4mb)

Advantages of Hotel Extranet System:

  • Improved Yield
  • The diminished perimeter of error
  • Versatility
  • Up-to-date and reliable knowledge
  • The lower time period to sale
  • Decreased inventory
  • Strengthen buyer commitment
  • The task is finished immediately as compared to old standard booking systems.
  • Extranet serves in enhance business accomplishment and yield by automating a process that was affected manually earlier. Computerization can similarly lessen the extent of errors.
  • Data can be revised, renewed and improved immediately on a booking extranet system. All accredited members thus hold immediate entree to the multiple high-level data.
  • Extranets may support in improving relations with foremost or prospective buyers by providing them accurate, brief and effective information.
  • Extranets enable company details to be analysed at point proper for consumers, associates, distributors, workers, and other related people. This supports removing the convention/gathering duration and is also convenient for business operating in more than one country having a different time zone.

The hotels can transfer their prices and vacancies to be perceived by all selling channels that are utilising a CRS. The System allows you to get an entire charge of your hotel catalogue and cost compositions and get the benefit of the robust sales and supply channels over your system.

Use of the Tecnoglare hotel extranet also allows hotel assets to maintain inventory, prices, last dates and least overnight stay. The system is cooperative with guiding channel administration mechanisms.

This smooth system enables our hotel associates the capability to disseminate inventory by the entire Tecnoglare booking hotel extranet of websites. All resorts, despite area, category or address where it is established can be registered on your website for no cost. Tecnoglare Hotel Booking Extranet Admin is very simplistic and straightforward to practice.Hotels can allow a specific lot of rooms to market through you. A consumer could reserve your hotel room either by visiting your website or by booking extranet customer service.Hotels booked room category, prices and manage the information of their hotel outline, from details of amenities and conveniences to pictures. The complete knowledge is supplied regarding room amenities and hotel comforts, complete hotel chart and hotel pictures for easy selection for every hotel extranet booking system. The system gives you a way to market your accommodation highlights and improve the pleasure of your visitors.

All this hotel knowledge can be refreshed and distinct images can be uploaded effortlessly through our extranet system web-based admin segment which is particularly composed for hotel operator comfort.

Our easily operated Extranet admin segment does it quick and effortless to handle your real-time online reservation, enrolled hoteliers can see profile for every reservation executed by our website and manage the bookings through their record in the CRS Extranet system.

Our Hotel extranet system gives you the possibility to acquire extra bookings and grow your possession by providing you with the convenience to insert the current rooms availability. The Buyers is priced online through credit card at the point of booking ending in a lesser reversal and encouraging you to improve your occupancy.

Hotel Extranet resembles hotel CRS and is normally applicable in lodge and hospitality industry. The hotel extranet system allows the process to determine many properties within a hotel group. A hotel possessor within a safe atmosphere can describe many hotels and allow sign in/password to the property owner who can straightaway generate, alter costs, rooms, suggestions, offers etc.

This makes a complete marketing base for rooms that are booked from the hotel and given to either buyer, travel companies, travel operators or hotel allocators.The central reservation system is an enhanced system which is related to cache and allocation of data regarding resorts, hotels and hospitality in lodges

Characteristics accessible in Hotel Extranet

  • Deals Management System to insert package plans and let them accessible on all booking channels such as B2C and B2B for bookings.
  • Manage Offers, such as fresh bird, no cost overnight stay, exclusive concession, room renovation, durable stay etc.
  • Apply different margin on operator.
  • Be cautious of compulsory or voluntary options
  • Hotel timespan from airport and railway stations etc.
  • Manage Rooms, according to least, average and regular occupancy, additional sleeping bed, allow the kid or not etc.
  • Manage hotel break sales
  • Assistant allotment
  • Allow concession
  • Control Hotels
  • Manage Hotel pictures,including room pictures separately
  • Handle Period
  • Supervise room prices
  • Auto email and text notification for reservation acceptance and validation.
  • Manage hotel collapse
  • Handle hotel comforts
  • Manage allotment
  • Manage with Room comfort