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Travel Portal Development Company- Works For Excellence

Tecnoglare, A leading travel portal development company, is offering remarkable website solutions for travel companies. We are working with a team of skilled developers. We aim to meet the specific demands of every business. Each of our efforts directed toward the invention of enhanced solutions for tour operators. We have a strong belief that only an excellent travel portal software represents your products and services among potential users. Keeping in view the same, we come up with the solutions that perfectly match your needs. If you want to enhance the number of users for your services, the travel portal is the ultimate solution. It tells them what you are offering.

We are specialized in

  • Website Design
  • Website Development For B2B and B2C both
  • GDS Testing And Integration
  • API/XML Testing And Integration
  • Travel Portal Software
  • Google Maps
  • Weather Widget
  • Travel News
  • Tour Suggestion
  • Tour Guide
travel portal development

Apart from these specializations, we integrate relevant tools with booking systems. Integrating those factors brings more clarity to customers for better trip planning.

Types Of Travel Portal Software

B2B Module

B2B stands for Business To Business Module. A platform integrates booking engine with flight, hotel, vehicle, and excursion. B2B travel portal development incorporates and transfers data among parties involved. The module features include

  • Admin Management System
  • Agent Management System
  • Tour Operator Profile Management
  • Handle Margin
  • Monitor Reservation Update
  • Reject or Cancel Reservation
  • Examine Voucher And Statement
  • 24/7 Detailing
  • Several API Distributors


  • Increased Business Growth
  • Enhanced Sales
  • Reduces Operating Expenses
  • Immediate Customer Review
  • Market Expansion
  • Centralized Data


B2C Module

B2C stands for Business to customer defines an online booking system merged with all travel elements. The B2C module combines and moves expedition elements information to B2C clients. The B2C travel portal development feature includes

  • Completely Active, different language and currency support, and integrates with a reliable payment gateway.
  • Extremely Personalized Operations
  • Integrated Shopping Cart
  • Ease in Offers And Advertisement
  • Mobile-Oriented Platform
  • Third-Party Authorisation
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Digital Marketing Along With Search Engine Optimization
  • GDS Integrated Platform Such As Sabre, Amadeus, and Travelport
  • Authorized Platform To Cheapest Fare Airlines reservation system
  • Allow Centralised Reservation System (CRS) Extranet Interface
  • Maintenance Of Travel Content Database
  • Online Reservation Management System
  • Process Data Of Millions of Hotels, which involves Pictures, detailing, and Google Map Integration.
  • Price Handling
  • Stock management
  • Content management
  • Agent And Sub Agent Management System.
  • Surplus, Concession And Sales Management
  • Accounts Handling
  • Business Record Management
  • Cost And Benefit Analysis
  • Result Analysis


  • Enhanced Business Surplus
  • Enhanced Return On Investment
  • Reduces Troubles Of Business
  • Improved Brand Image
  • Communicative Platform
  • Reservation Handling
  • Connectivity With Numerous Vendors And Purchaser
  • Centralized Sales
  • Reliable Gateway Integration
  • 24/7 Excellent Customer Support Services

B2E Module

B2E stands for business to an employee. It is also known as a corporate travel portal. B2E defines an online booking interface for employees. B2E Travel Portal Development Features Include

  • Personalized Account Handling
  • Remarkable Price Explorer
  • Main Attraction Search For Hotels
  • Enhanced Reporting Tool
  • Dynamic Staff Updates
  • Reporting Asset
  • Price Codes And Product Demand
  • Recent Reservations
  • Profile Management Along With API’s
  • White Label Asset
  • Integrated Price Search
  • 24/7 Hours Customer Support Services Portal


  • Increased Knowledge And More Commitment Of Employees Towards Company Goals.
  • Instant Resolution Of Business Issues.
  • Increases Employee Integrity
  • Reduction in Expenses
  • It supports Timely Updates, Supply Of Flyers Due to Online Communication Dependency.
  • Connectivity With Other Applications Running On the Same Network
  • Allow Employees To Get And Update Required Data Maintained For Their Purpose Only. Manages Employee Work Benefits.
  • Manage Company Product Services Available To Employees At Concessional Prices.

White Label Module

The white label travel portal development is a web-based booking system integrated with all touring elements for newly started travel agencies. It combines and dispersed the travel elements data to the final user for booking. The white label module maintains the inventory collected from different sources. The Module Features Includes


  • Completely Reputed And Active Travel Portal
  • Website Can Be Improved For Search Engine
  • Improved Abilities In Terms Of Attractive Stock
  • Strong Reporting And Monitoring
  • Web-based Ticketing
  • Develop a Brand Image
  • Increases Surplus
  • Increased Integrity In Buyers And Improved Visitors
  • Easy To Use


  • Competitive Stock Costing
  • Increased Commission And Conversion Rate
  • GDS Integration For Flight, Hotels And Other Travel Content
  • Tool To Serve Customized Portal Solution
  • Assets, Data Updation, And Solutions For Your Growth
  • Works As An Analyser and Reporting Tool
Travel Portal Development Company

Travel Portal Development Services We offer

Travel Portal Development Services smoothen the travel process for users and supports travel businesses to manage their products easily. It integrates various travel elements with GDS/XML/API. The services we offer involve

Airline Reservation

Integrate your Airline Reservation System with flight GDS via API. The integration supports the travel business in getting access to the complete database of airline companies. Along with this, Booking system integration with a reliable payment gateway offers seamless flight booking.

Hotel Reservation

Develop a secure Hotel Booking System with enhanced XML /API integration. The merger of the booking system tremendously increases the searches for hotels and result in an improved turnover. Approach a spectrum of hotels by enhanced XML/API integration applications.

Travel Operator Portal

Excellent B2B OR B2C travel portal development for your business comprised of enhanced hotel XML, Flight GDS, Cab, or other relevant APIs. Also, integrate sound and secure payment gateway.

Vehicle/Bus Reservation

Links your Vehicle/Bus Booking system with excellent API that allows it to browse for the available vehicle on hire options. The booking system further integrates with the payment gateway for executing the payment.

Excursion Reservation

Combine effective XMLs to retrieve the spectrum of hotels and reliable payment gateways. Apart from this, it helps to craft hotel packages that allow B2B and B2C features.

Features Of Travel Portal Solution

  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Backed With Committed Technology
  • Voucher And Exclusive Coupon Management
  • Mobile-Oriented
  • 24/7 data availability

What Makes Us Standout As A Travel Portal Development Company?

To come up with an excellent travel portal development is not as complicated as it is assumed. A person just needs a well-organized plan and a great purpose. Things we mainly consider while portal development involves.


Eye Catching graphics and layout is foremost things that attract more visitors. We design enthralling and attractive plans for the travel sector. The way a website appear affects the conversion rate of visitors. Providing a user-oriented platform backed with advanced technology makes your business thrive. Specialized visuals of travel are what bring the result.


We enable existing designs meeting high standards along with affordability constraints. Making design responsive is a crucial step as it helps the visitors to complete the booking in less time. Active travel portal development allows details such as maps, latest news, tour suggestion, tour operator and climatic update, etc. The responsive portal ensures better customer experience. Website integration for improved booking experience. The better experience will result in increased bookings.


It involves Third party API integration such as travel service providers and reliable gateway integration. Booking an enthralling tour is the foremost concern of travelers. Seamless travel requires timely and correct information to the traveler. Without proper connectivity with suppliers, it may not be possible for tourism companies. Portal Development involves integration with different service providers which allow reasonable price to end-users.


Testing, A solution to support companies engaged in the travel sector. A website requires testing for effectiveness.

  • Provider Testing- Checking the connectivity among suppliers and the request made. Must choose authorized test provider.
  • Message testing- Checking the alignment among XML application and reciprocation.
  • Functional testing- Checking the system for operational demand. It ensures that functions are giving outcomes as per user demand.
  1. Division testing
  2. Integration testing
  3. System testing
  4. Anticipated and unanticipated scenarios
  • Security Testing- it is to be executed for finding any error in the security process. The found error will be rectified on time.
  1. Error control
  2. Directories exposed
  3. Forbidden sources
  4. Unused sources
  5. Password Protected Reliable data
  • Regression testing- Checking that current software/ program updation is not influencing the already prevailing features.
  • Performance testing- Measure the actual speed, activeness and stability of an application or software under different work scenarios.
  1. Usage Pattern
  2. Critical scenarios
  1. Error control
  2. Directories exposed
  3. Forbidden sources
  4. Unused sources
  5. Password Protected Reliable data
  • Regression testing- Checking that current software/ program updation is not influencing the already prevailing features.
  • Performance testing- Measure the actual speed, activeness, and stability of an application or software under different work scenarios.
  1. Usage Pattern
  2. Critical scenarios


Customized and high standard travel portal services under a strict timeline. End-user can immediately take the benefit of the developed travel portal. You will receive the website integrated with ready to use the services of XML service providers. Rectifying every single error as and when found is our responsibility.

How Travel Portal Solution Is An Advantage To Your Business?

We understand the fact that every business run with a profit motive. Gaining customer confidence is the key to an enormous surplus. An excellent travel portal development allows your business recognized among a broader audience. As the customer is the king of the market and internet era, making online presence a significant factor. Portal development is proving a beneficial factor for travel businesses. Some of the benefits are

  • Provide real-time updated content.
  • Curtail management and handling expenses.
  • Better customer service
  • Secure valuable time and cost.
  • It reduces order processing expenses.
  • It offers an immediate booking system for flights, hotels and travel packages, etc.
  • It supports the extension of your business.

Future of Travel Portals

Travel portal development achievement mainly relates to two major sectors, such as the flight and hotel booking sector. In some years, the travel sector faced significant changes in terms of usage of technology. There is no doubt that technology has brought enormous benefits for travelers and travel agents. Enhanced technology ultimately results in an increased number of visitors on your website.

Flight Industry

The airline sector experienced a change in India. There was a time when flight ticket booking considered as the crucial element in the portal development. With time airline authorities developing some restrictive policies, which is a trouble for travel agents engaged in the flight ticket booking process. The increased airfare decreased the demand for air travel. Airline companies are selling tickets to end-user directly at low cost. Revision in prices is becoming a challenge for travel agents to come out with competitive prices. The purpose was clear. Airline companies wanted to make travel companies shut down their businesses. So it can be said that the travel portal development future is in trouble for flight booking.

Hotel Industry

Hotel reservation is rising as a secure option for travel agencies. Visitors these days are looking for travel agents for hotel booking. The number is increasing year by year. Visitors search for more and more hotels, especially in exotic destinations. A newly started or small travel operator was aspiring to set up a hotel at exotic destinations and hold bookings from foreigners. As a surplus from the airline sector is decreasing tremendously, the hotel industry became a bright future for portal development. Portal development is taking a shift towards hotel booking and vacation packages. Hotel industry triggering growth and achievement in terms of profit generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Travel Portal Development?

Travel Portal Development is a single point solution for all your business requirements. Travelers are able to plan for their holiday in advance. A journey basically includes

  • Air ticket booking
  • Bus ticket booking
  • Railway ticket booking
  • Accommodation booking
  • Vehicle Booking
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SMS Integration

Travelers can negotiate for exclusive offers by connecting with different travel operators Website of different business let them know about the charges and benefits being offered. All the bookings are for Domestic and nondomestic destinations.


Web portal acts as an online booking system for both B2B and B2C. It basically provides a spectrum of significant features to all the end-user at a single point. Tecnoglare is a Travel Portal Development Company offering online enhanced solutions and reservation systems to travel companies.

The white label Module is a web-based system. it enables newly started travel companies to sell their products and services easily and immediately. The white label travel portal basically allows an interface that profoundly attracts more customers. Also, travel agencies can market and sell their services in terms of air tickets, railway, hotels, excursions, etc. Now it is more feasible for travel agencies to conduct business operations more easily and keep a record of economic transactions.

Travel Portal Development Company

Travel software is a solution that centralizes your deals, advertising, performance, and economics. It has the capability to handle all most all your travel needs. Some of the best softwares are

  • Signature
  • Rezy 360
  • PHP Travels
  • Dolphin
  • Toogo

Innovation in technology has significantly changed the way customers plan their journeys. Now the travel process becomes more streamlined and relaxing for them. Users are in a position to complete their booking sitting at home which further making it necessary for travel businesses to have their travel websites. The travel portal development cost differs from case to case based on functions, features, difficulty level, developers’ place and duration it takes to complete a portal.


Time engaged in Online travel portal development by travel website development company normally relies on the amount of XML/API/GDS integration is required. Apart from this, the duration of travel booking engine development also relies on determinants such as the travel portal functions, and the tailor-made travel portal or you trust on company expertise in developing a portal for your business.


It becomes a difficult task to select from an endless portal development company present in the market. It is advised to select among the pioneering website development companies having years of experience in creating a portal. Also, they are holding an excellent client portfolio that resembles their work.

Tecnoglare Infotech is one such organization delivering excellence in producing travel portals and getting a competitive benefit.


A Travel Portal Development is the key to achieve a powerful online presence and enhanced visitors on your website that further results in maximized ROI. it has benefits for both the party’s travel business and the final user. Travel businesses can connect with their customers in a time and cost-saving way. On the other hand, customers get updated information and book their travel easily.


B2B stands for Business to Business and B2C stands for Business to Customer. A B2B travel portal is implemented by clients that offer services to other businesses or their employees such as large businesses that buy packages to spread amongst their employees. On the other hand, A B2C Travel Portal is for travel agencies that satisfies the need of final users of services and who book from their websites directly.


A B2C or Business to Customer travel agency software refers to the online booking software that serves the ultimate customer directly. This solution enables the customer to directly complete their booking related to flight, hotel or other travel services. They don’t need to take the support of the third party. B2C travel agency software benefits the agencies with enhanced profit which they don’t need to share with other parties.


A travel portal is the need of every travel business for enhanced growth. If you are also looking to develop the same then a professional portal development company is the answer. The appropriate company to create the right travel portal for your business is essential. You may select from the different While Label Portals plan or develop a tailored online travel portal that perfectly matches your business requirement.


To get started with your online travel portal first you need to finalize the services to be provided like flight, accommodation, vehicle bookings, excursion, etc. Join hands with a travel portal development company and choose the number of API/XML you require. In the case of flight services, it is mandatory to get an IATA Certification to distribute air tickets.


To come up with a travel agency software you have two options. Either you can maintain a team of professional developers in your organization or you can outsource it to a professional software development company. Major travel companies across the world consider GDS software solutions due to its adaptability to fit in the current workflow of your business. It is highly recommended to take assistance from a software development company as it requires expertise.


To increase the number of solutions for its clients, Tecnoglare provides a broad range of travel products. Its travel products mainly consist of air ticket booking, accommodation booking, vehicle booking, Travel Agency websites, B2B and B2C travel portal development, and API/XML/GDS integration.


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