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Sabre Flight API Integration

Tecnoglare, A leading provider of Sabre API integration which is the pre-eminent Global distribution system empowering in North America. Sabre GDS API XML integration is an effective and price effective distribution channel supporting airlines, vehicle hire organizations, hotels to enhance their market share to holiday and business travelers. The Sabre system is implemented by enormous airlines, hoteliers, travel agents, vehicle hire companies, rail carriers, and cruise operators. Its exceptional features involve flight schedules, pricing policy, product availability, booking, and ticketing status. The Sabre Travel network offers an excellent solution for the travel industry.

We are the adept travel software company that is skilled in API/XML Integration along with GDS like Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre to allow your users a comprehensive spectrum of travel outputs with 24/7hours presence, details, tariffs, laws and policies.


Sabre API integration is, previously recognised as Sabre web services. This gives smoother, speedier and more dynamic access to the Sabre system. The Sabre XML API integration allows you to merge their services to your applications and databases. APIs are perfect for developers who aspire to create or renew a personalized sabre online booking tool. Sabre login gives you to access their content to apply that in another application. It can be seen in their services that what is Sabre.

What Is Sabre Reservation System?

The Sabre Travel network provides a great solution for the travel sector. Sabre Reservation system allows businesses such as travel agencies, airline, hospitality, car rental and travel executors. The travel agencies can use it to explore, rate and booking. Sabre system tutorial Is also available through Sabre app.

Sabre Global Distribution System

Sabre global distribution system is one of the foremost providers of sabre travel software. The sabre network is comprising more than 55 thousands travel agencies. Sabre travel technologies render end users with plans, availability, costing, strategies and rules etc. Along with this it also offers sabre booking and ticketing ability for travel distributor.

The Sabre travel system has been utilised by approximately 400 airlines,175,000 hotel premises, and 200 sabre travel agents etc. The travel system is extended to 50 railway carriers, 40 car rental providers and 17 cruise lines.

Advantages of Sabre API integration

  • It allows travel companies to enjoy Sabre’s different web services.
  • It complies with all the standards like XML, SOAP and travel sector standards.
  • Always improves for betterment. It comes with advanced technology in the updated version.
  • Sabre API integration is flexible enough to integrate with the current booking system.
  • It expands the reach of travel companies and B2B/B2C models. That is by providing them access to global travel content.
  • Single GDS is enough to grow their businesses for travel companies.
  • Improves travel booking experience for end-users
  • Maintains transparency in the costing system that helps in gaining customer confidence.
  • Increases number of visitors to booking websites

Sabre web services can be availed for maintaining a sabre booking system for :

  • Airlines
  • Automobile Rental
  • Hotel Premises
  • Railway
  • Cruise lines

Sabre Airline Api Integration Solutions

Sabre allows a wide variety of Sabre solutions to assist airlines to serve their clients effectively and vend themselves. Sabre travel is a useful and price-efficient distribution channel that encourages sabre airlines to expand their business reach to holiday and business traveller.

  • Sabre airline software is giving accessibility to over 3,50,000 travel agents and renowned travel companies globally
  • Sabre software for travel agents let them expand their business beyond the regional market
  • Sabre ticketing system helps in selling numerous seats frequently
  • Sabre flight search offers real-time information concerning seats available and fare revisions
  • Sabre technologies help in practical decision making along with appropriate information.
  • sabre flight booking offers constant income generation ways.
  • sabre airline booking system empowers your company to run easily.

Sabre Air APIs involves the seats available and flight timings, cheap fare flights, cost revision and online ticketing. Sabre flight API offers everything that requires real-time flight reservation. The Sabre online login is serving Sabre global customer with real-time assistance.

Sabre Airline Reservation System

Sabre Airline Reservation System allows a wide range of applications and data solutions to assist airlines to vend themselves. It basically helps in the marketing of outputs, assisting customers and working more effectively. Sabre airline system offers both airline reservations systems and a complete set of marketing and business planning solutions.

Its data-rich software helps airlines make smarter operational decisions, personalize and retail their products to travellers. Airline Solutions help nearly 200+ airlines involving network carriers, combinations and cheap price shippers. The organisation helping 700 different consumers which involve runways, cargo and charter flights, business flotillas, authorities and tourism committees.

The customer complete flying experience:

Monitoring baggage – Airport representatives adopt the airline reservation system to compare baggage with stops. This may enhance efficiency and increased client co-operation.

Flight records – passengers and operators highly depend on the system to recognise available flights.

Equipping to fly – The system remits flight updates and entrance area data as well as the passenger check-in and boarding rules.

Our entirely integrated solution gives entree to similar data across all points of transaction and service. This ensures excellent service to your consumers. Tecnoglare facilitates your online booking engine, customer centre, inventory management, support system etc.

Also the information repository and flight departure charge, providing you with the ability to expand your business. We have a unit of technology and performance specialists working on the movement plan. This assures the current airline reservations system passes a really customized travel experience.

Our goal is to offer a comfortable travel experience for our clients while attaining price effectiveness and greater management of our inner passenger service systems.

Sabre GDS Integration

Sabre GDS system is the association among the travel services users and marketers. Sabre GDS is sustained by larger than 400 flight carriers, 125000 inns, 200 travel executives and various automobile and voyage providers. The sabre application system is associated to higher than 4 lakhs travel operators globally. The companies are assisting their end user using Sabre platform.

Sabre GDS commands take care of nearly millions of Sabre reservation per minute during the season. Sabre GDS tutorial guide travel operator on how to use a Sabre system. Assistance can be in the form of Sabre web chat, voice and email assistance. Sabre travel portal for B2B and B2C organisations are rising high in different countries.

Also, Sabre integration applied to sabre booking engine allow seamless service.

Amadeus vs Sabre GDS integration

  • Sabre GDS is reinforced by higher than 400 flight carriers, 100000+ hotels, 200 travel operators and various car and cruise supplier.
  • Sabre GDS entries are correlated to higher than 400,000 travel operators universally, who are assisting to end user.
  • Sabre GDS system developed by Sabre developer execute a large number of bookings per minute.
  • Sabre hotel reservation system or sabre hospitality solutions
  • Sabre GDS integration offer exceptional assistance to travel agency by the internet chat, voice and email assistance.
  • Sabre booking engine for bus reservation.
  • Sabre’s latest portable, reply time buying and Sabre APIs allow developers to develop new abilities for the travel business.
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