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Hotelbeds Development

Hotelbeds is one of the biggest Hotels Aggregators in the world for the Business to Business Providers in the Travel Industry. Hotelbeds is the part of Hotelbeds Group. Hotelbeds witness annual bookings of 50 Million rooms in 200 Countries with the help of more than 50,000 Travel Distributors. Hotelbeds is not just limited to selling hotels inventory, it also provides Transfer for more than 20,000 routes and 15,000 plus Activities all over the globe. Hotelbeds have recently acquired global brands like Tourico Holidays and GTA Travel to consolidate their position and inventory in the global Travel Market. They are giving tough competition to Expedia currently. Hotelbeds API XML Integration latest B2B platform will boost the Travel Industry.

The Power of Hotelbeds API XML Integration.

Here is how Travel Companies will get a common platform powered by a huge inventory with Hotelbeds API XML Integration.

  1. The Travel Agents will get competitive prices from a single platform.
  2. The latest technology will make the booking operations simple and elite.
  3. The number of API Integrations required in an Online Travel Agency will come down and all they need is a single Hotelbeds API XML Integration to get huge inventory.
  4. The monopoly of the Expedia group in the Travel Industry will neutralise.
  5. With the acquisition of the US-based Company Tourico Holidays, Hotelbeds customers will now get better fares for the US market.
  6. A single Hotelbeds API XML Integration will fetch the Inventory from Hotelbeds, Tourico Holidays, GTA Travel and Beds Online.

The Managing Director of the Hotelbeds Group Mr Carlos Munoz seems to be very confident with their expansion plans and the technical team. He said that they have an elite team who is working comprehensively in building the biggest hotel aggregator platform of the 21st century with their innovative ideas. He also gave an estimate that the Hotelbeds latest Business to Business platform will connect over 170,000 properties all over the globe with more than 60,000 travel arbitrators.

Hotelbeds is planning to build a common platform for Tourico Holidays, GTA Travel and Beds Online for the smooth functioning of the technical entities. The motto is to make a single Hotelbeds API that can be further used by the Travel Companies for Hotelbeds API XML Integration. In the process, they appointed Mr Chris Branagan as the Director of Technology. Chris Branagan is a veteran in the Travel Technology domain and has been previously handled the position of GTA Travel’s Chief Technology Officer Position.

Hotel Booking System Development

There have been extensive analysis, planning, preparations and implementations done for building this common Business to Business platform. There is an estimate that the Integration will be completed by the end of this year and in the year 2019, all brands acquired by the Hotelbeds Group will run on the same technology platform. Hotelbeds acquired GTA Travel in the month of October last year whereas Tourico Holidays was acquired early in the year 2017.

The latest news coming from the Travel Industry is Hotelbeds Group has recently announced the sale of its Destination Management Division to Europe’s largest Tour Operator TUI for USD 136 Million. This is done by the Hotelbeds Group to focus on their latest Business to Business bedbank platform. This will help Hotelbeds API Integration to emerge as the largest Bedbank provider in the world and Expedia has a lot to worry about.

Hotelbeds API XML Integration Process

Integrating Hotelbeds follows a step by step process that is following:

Compatible CMS-: It may be difficult for you to use CMS like WordPress for travel companies. At Tecnoglare, we offer a travel suppliers integrated platform.

Affordable Platform for Integration-; It is crucial to find a platform that falls within budget. We suggest users take advantage of our designed budget-friendly platform.

Get API Credentials-: The next step is to grab the API credentials from travel suppliers. At Tecnoglare, we give you complete support to get those credentials. API helps travel suppliers to recognize the OTAs.

Payment Gateway Integration-: We set up a payment gateway to complete a booking with an option to choose from various payment methods.

By completing all the above steps, you are all set to go and become a winner in the industry.