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Why organizations look for IT outsourcing companies in software development?

For most organizations, IT development has become an expensive department, draining the revenue at the cost of core business time. With a view to reduce IT development expenses of the company, IT management must take a significant step forward to optimize the business productivity. 

Solution is outsourcing IT development OR staff augmentation services. This is providing skilled IT developers when and where you need them.

Outsourcing to India

India has been one of the favorite destinations for software development outsourcing and IT outsourcing services because of its huge human resource pool skilled in software development and blessed with mathematical logic and reasoning. 

An honest introspection reveals there are certain concerns over quality because of few organizations that are unable to maintain effective communication and ready availability.  With diligent planning and one point resolution system these concerns can be addressed very well and that’s what we do.  We the team at Tecnoglare provide IT outsourcing services on following pretext of working for you just as your in-house control

  • Excellent comprehension skills of relationship manager
  • Excellent communication skills of relationship manager
  • Availability to take your requests all the time
  • Experienced, trained, qualified and certified IT developers
  • Time and project management
  • Compliance and Security


  • We take all your IT related risks such as resource liability, licensing, security and audits.
  • We will take risks of changing technologies and IT human resource liability when you don’t need them.
  • You will have no strings attached and all original source files will belong to you.

Stay focused on your core business. Hire your virtual IT team with us