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Tecnoglare Infotech Pvt Ltd is a pre-eminent travel technology company providing profound technology solutions for the entire travel industry. The services involve GDS integration, travel API integration, XML integration, portal development and much more. Travel API primarily packages of online services to gain travel offers from various travel service providers throughout the world. Travel API integration for hotels, flights, and GDS integration, etc are applied by travel companies to gain the travel offers online. For a long-lasting business survival maintaining the right set of products and services at competing prices is relevant. No matter how much effort you have done on the traffic generation and promotions you will not get fruitful results unless completed API integration. The online travel portal development brought ease in the travel industry due to API integration in it. With the application of travel portals in the travel businesses, the latest travelers can find any travel info at their fingertips. They can go through the end number of airline options, accommodation, excursion, and vehicle hire throughout the globe. Through travel, portal customers can check any revision in the details of flights and airlines, etc. Also, they receive instant notification regarding any changes in their booked product.

The third party API integration opens up the route to the bulk of significant information. The hotel API provider allows access to different hotel deals whereas flight API provider enables access to end number of flights. In a limited time period, the travel portal solution gains a great response from the end-users. Due to travel API, integration end users discover integrity in searching for any kind of information. The end-user can access the details by sitting at any corner of the world through online service. It is quite necessary to know what exactly the customer is searching for and what competitors are serving to them. The absence of knowledge may result in losing your traffic to your competitors.

Travel API XML Integration

Travel API XML Integration

Tecnoglare Infotech Pvt Ltd is known as a travel API provider that offers travel API XML integration with great team efforts in the completion of every responsibility. We provide profound assistance in travel API XML integration consolidated with different service providers all around the global travel market. Also through our exceptional support as an XML API provider, we assist in deploying XML functionality on the travel portal. It will give you success by leaps and bound. Each of our team members has expertise in their required filled and every solution requires lots of hard work and effort. The capabilities you are searching for in the travel technology solutions our abilities always matched that requirement. The complete travel portal development ensures compatibility and proficiency in API XML integration. Along with this, the skilled personnel has knowledge of dealing with hotel booking API, travel API, and flight API provider, etc. The linkage with the different travel service providers, collecting data, organizing that data and transmitting becomes easy due to third-party API. Our customer finds real-time assistance for all their needed information and handling of the data.

Third-Party API Integration

Third-party API integration enables an ideal merger of the ideal integration of the currently available technologies. The API integration highly paces up the achievement rate of the prospective plans. Through this method, the travel portal developer gets additional time for the development of an exact solution. Also, the duration has been adjusted for the strengthening of the essential plans. Third-party API becomes a great option for those companies which have limited time and resources for finishing the task. For instance, flight booking API cost gets lowered with the services of travel API providers. Lowering of cost at each step lowers the cost at a higher level such as travel portal development cost. API integration is to require professional knowledge and practice. It is a significant part of travel portal development. If it is not integrated in the right way it might have adverse consequences on customer experience. In this situation, it is better to go to third-party API integration. The improvement of the travel portals makes it more attractive and enhance business opportunities. Most of the portal owners are emphasizing on the third-party API for earning more profit.

Travel API Integration Services

Travel API Integration Services Provider

With the arrival of travel API provider the control of the web-based bus, flight and hotel booking API becomes quite apparent. The travel industry develops the interface and travel API to market its output via the internet. Our travel API integration with your technology solutions allows tremendous sales and huge profit. The number of bookings in flight, air, and other travel-related services get increased ultimately. Beside travel API we are adept in providing API integration services for cruises reservation, vehicle hire and travel package booking, etc.

Web Service Integration by API developer

Travel XML Integration is an integral part of running a portal with multiple suppliers of flights, hotels, cars, packages and other travel services. Collation of all data and prices of travel-related products for your online systems can be very challenging and time-consuming. Hence 

If you need a real-time inventory of all hotels, airlines, and cars, you may look for consuming a single travel API or XML. This might have all ingredients from an online travel agent. 

If you want to pick and choose various supplier API/XML, you can go for XML integration with each one of them separately. We can help you with XML/API integration services with any of the suppliers. Also, we can create API/XML services for you if you are a consolidator, which you can distribute to other channels. 

Our team of API developers is an expert in the travel domain and we have integrated multiple APIs from different kinds of suppliers. APIs enable online travel agencies or booking agents access to global travel content like hotel information, images, room details, rates, from various suppliers. Our team is experienced in integrating Air Booking APIs for AMADEUS, GALILEO and SABRE, and 25 hotel suppliers worldwide.

Advantages of custom and multiple XML integration over Single Consolidated API integration

  • XML integration and Custom Software Development “from scratch” has several advantages as compared to ready-made Single API.
  • Prices directly from original suppliers and no share of margins through intermediates ( Single API provider)
  • Long term gains.
  • Flexibility in development, implementation, and integration
  • Full control of system source code
  • Independence from the third-party vendor’s product strategy
  • Unquestionable intellectual property rights
  • Unlimited scaling and customization

Advantages of Single Consolidated API integration over custom and multiple API integrations

  • No contracting with Multiple Suppliers
  • Easy and Quick to integrate
  • Reduced costs of XML integration and development
  • Suitable for Start-ups

We are actively involved in all stages of the project and provide you support whenever you require us. Enhancements and modifications are welcome at any stage of the project as per your business requirements.  We ensure full support to you get an edge in the market.