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Website Maintenance Services

If you think that your present website is looking redundant and requires a fresh life of content and regular updates. OR you require Search Engine Optimization of few of the fresh pages or the aim at particular keywords. OR you want someone to maintain your website for any other reasons.

We can do that very well for you and want to be your preferred partner

What does web maintenance include?

Few of the services that people look for, are mentioned below, however you may let us know your requirements and we can customize.

CMS Handling

Our team will maintain the CMS system for the site so that they or you can update the site.

Website Content Updates

Any updates to the site content are just an email away. Send them to the support team and they are done.

Technical Support

A ticketing system is in place to help you with any technical assistance you might need over email or phone.

Security Updates

Keeping a website secure is a continuous job and our team ensures that the site is up to date with the latest security protocols.

Website Backups

Our periodic backups ensure that the site is restored quickly after any eventuality such as server failure, malware attacks etc.

Trouble Shooting

We will troubleshoot any bugs or errors on your website. Repair any broken links or alignment issues. 

What do you pay?

We don’t have any confusing or incremental packages. There are no hidden costs. One flat cost.

You pay USD 180.00 per annul that entails you to use up-to 18 work hours in an year. Any extra hours are billed @ USD 10 per hour. That’s it !