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Cruise API- Connect With Leading Cruise Suppliers

Tecnoglare, A leading Cruise API provider offers you an interface to link with cruise suppliers throughout the world. Our expanded reach is covering the significant cruise lines. Being a popular brand and supplier of premium cruise API, Tecnoglare is supporting travel businesses in seamless cruise booking. Through our API solution, we have developed a platform that offers an opportunity to travel agents to establish great relations with the cruise suppliers. The travel businesses are in a position to get the status of the latest inventory and presence using cruise booking software. We have gathered all the major cruise suppliers on an individual platform. Our cruise API helps the travel companies in perceiving data and completing the reservation.

Our Global API Offers Exceptional Benefits
Through Travel Content For

  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Travel Operators
  • Businesses
  • Travel Management Companies

Benefits We Offer Through Our Cruise API

  • Our API offers an instant return on investment
  • Maintains the reliability of the data and comply with legal requirements
  • Offer ease in managing the percentage of profit
  • Facilitate continuous evaluation
  • Helps In maximizing sales through online distribution channels
  • Minimize the expectations from other distribution channels.
  • Offers enhanced feature of the cruise search algorithm
  • Facilitate an online platform for faster cruise reservation
  • Expand your reach to huge inventory available at inexpensive rates
  • Offer a 360-degree view feature to know your cruise in advance.
  • Offer option of cruises enriched with luxury and lifestyle.
  • Offer assistance through real-time customer support

Features Our Cruise API Offers 

  • Our API supports B2C / B2B / B2E Modules
  • Offer enhanced admin console
  • Provide Distinct OTA
  • Offer options in payment gateway
  • Allow a platform to reserve flights, hotels, transfers and cruise reservations.
  • Offer a platform where you can arrange your individual packages.
  • Offer an interface that can be modified from time to time
  • Maximize the profit to a great extent
  • The scope can be extended on a timely basis
  • Give you access to the huge travel content
  • Offer all-time availability of inventory
  • Open up your business to unbeatable prices and earnings

Why You Should Choose Us For Global Cruise API?

Being one of the dominant travel technology company, Tecnoglare offers Cruise API solutions to travel operators throughout the world. Our efforts strongly drive-by smooth user experience that can be only accomplished through the application of enhanced technology. With our effective cruise booking engine, we have significantly saved the valuable time of the user for booking. Our online cruise reservation system comprised of cruise lines, cruise ships, and cabin, etc. Apart from this, it helps the user in making a buying decision by uploading images and videos of the boat, cabin, and deck, etc.

Our services consist of a cruise booking software that further consists of a combined ship management system, a catering management solution, and much more. We are in a position to meet your exact needs. We have improved the user experience by giving them the authority to manage their accounts. Our advanced solution supports the customer and cruise supplier to have complete control of guest accounts and other changes in the order request. Tecnoglare is one of the names known for offering exclusive offers for different cruise destinations. Best services at reasonable prices are what makes us unique from other suppliers.

While developing cruise solution we have taken care of all the requirements of end-user and cruise suppliers. This includes analyzing Customer profile, back-office account control, shore excursions sales, inventory left and much more. Our solution consists of inbuilt software cruise back-office support that supports in maintaining data of cruise customers and provide a valuable report. It comprises of Agent Booking Engine (ABE) and its Cruise Search (CS) module which acts as a support for agents in a searching group of cruises along cruise lines and destinations depending on different search criteria and then reserves online cruises. The agent booking engine facilitates agents to make any modifications to the current cruise reservation.

Being a pioneering organization, we support our clients with powerful online distribution potential. It is considered as the highly dynamic, user-friendly API for cruises, aircraft, destinations, and events. Through our best cruise API integration services, we offer our clients an assurity that they have chosen the right API for their travel website. To integrate cruise API XML or JSON format is required. As this is not a normal API like flight, hotels, and vehicles, there are fewer suppliers available in the market. Our cruise booking engine completely depends on business to business, business to customers and more.

This cruise API engages great associates to its foundation and extend with time. With the arrival of cruise API, the reservation process has been shifted to an online one. An online solution has increased its reach to distant ports and new routes. Only a travel service provider can reserve the cruise. In the case of Sabre and Travelport GDS insurance and transfer, API is not available. This is the reason that Tecnoglare has associated with Cruise API Integrations along with successful destination management companies throughout the world.

Tecnoglare derives with the aim to bring ease in booking experience for travel agents through its remarkable cruise API. Apart from this our cruise booking solution supports the travel agents to go through the real-time updated inventory of cruise suppliers’. Our cruise API is enriched with advance technology and gives you the authority to utilize our UPS services. With our cruise API, we are pioneering at various locations. We are serving our clients at the international level. In other words, we are offering a cruise reservation system and integrated travel software solutions at the global level.

Now travel agents discovered ease as they got the access of different suppliers at a single interface. At present, the demand for the cruise is not in much demand but it can be witnessed that it is taking a rise with the time. There is huge competition in the market and to withstand this competition requires an online cruise booking engine in order to reach more customers. A single cruise reservation system display all the data regarding the services available and real-time prices. Once travelers come to the portal it supports them to access information for booking.

Tecnoglare support their clients in merging with exceptional cruise suppliers and prosper in their industry. Tecnoglare is a pre-eminent Cruise Booking Engine / Cruise XML Integration Company offering a cruise booking solution along with flight and hotel reservation systems. The online cruise reservation system allows a user to remain updated regarding currently available cruise inventory. Tecnoglare along with its team of experts merges the Cruise Booking Engine, Cruise XML, Cruise Booking System, Cruise API, Cruise Reservation System, Cruise Reservation Software solution, and Cruise XML Integration.

Our enhanced ticketing solution supports in navigating the search and offer reservation tools for flights, accommodation, transfers, excursions, vehicles, cruises and travel packages. Ticketing solution is used by universal travel management companies as software for managing their services. Tecnoglare works with a platform which is integrated with GDS and APIs for airline, accommodations, transfers, vehicle hire, and cruise suppliers. We have developed our cruise solution by considering the current and future demands of the cruise industry. We offer a complete solution for cruise organizations right from the beginning to the end.

Being a pre-eminent travel technology company, we are supporting travel agencies with advanced solutions. We offer a cruise booking system and booking software to travel businesses throughout the world. Our cruise reservation system is designed with the purpose of generating more sales and take benefit of enhanced marketing, and profit earning abilities. We have significantly improved the productivity of cruise suppliers by supporting them through our cruise reservation software. We understand that every cruise ship administrator works with the aim to draw more and more travelers and in order to achieve this goal they are implementing a central reservation system.

Through CRS they control and serve the data regarding the availability of ships to travel businesses. In Spite of this travel, businesses need something more. To get more positive results they must link to the Tecnoglare cruise booking system. This supports them in serving their clients with more appropriate data. As we already mentioned the data regarding ships on our system, they don’t need to bother for uploading rates on their portal and GDS.Through our well-developed software, the travel booking process becomes smoother as it offers updated data all the time. Our cruise reservation solution offers higher flexibility as it can serve you in either way. No matter whether you are a cruise supplier or desiring to include cruise in your travel services, Tecnoglare software supports you in the way to success. Also, you will never miss an opportunity in the cruise sector with our profound solution.

Connecting our users directly to the suppliers on our portal rather than redirecting them to other portal is what makes us different from other service providers.Through our excellent search filters such as ship size, name, cruise line, departure port and much more we allow our users to navigate seamlessly. Being a professional and pioneering travel supplier service company, we establish direct relations with travel suppliers that include hotels, flights, travel attractions, vehicle hire, and much more. Our cruise API makes you reach endless cruise suppliers. Through our API we establish a relation among cruise suppliers and online travel agencies. On our user-friendly interface, the online travel agencies can go through the available inventory.

Apart from this our solution offer ease of managing various reservations in one place. This includes available inventory, prices, and other supplier-related details. Through cruise booking engine one can merge various queries at one place and assign them the number for priority basis solving. It results in the timely solving of issues. It also offers statistics of different market metrics that decide your position in the market.  Implementing our cruise management software you can merge the various suppliers in one place and keep track of the interaction with them. Through this simple connection with our suppliers, we offer API for flight, hotel, cruises, vehicle hire, and transfer, etc. Our API is quite easy to combine as we offer it with an exclusive XML API tester.

Using our open APIS one can develop their travel portal and applications without wasting time. The end-user can reserve their selected cruise through our cruise booking API online. Most of the organizations are shifted to our advanced cruise API as it is giving them higher performance. Cruise booking system refers to an online booking engine that is further connected to the GDS and gathers data from different airlines. The leading GDS includes Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, etc. GDS acts as a database of information and offers the right information to travel businesses. The leading travel agencies are deploying flight booking software for real-time information and maximize reservation.

Being a travel technology company we combine the booking system for hotel, flight, vehicle, and GDS into the booking system of travel businesses. We provide all the cruise supplier content at one place by offering our identical cruise reservation system. Our cruise web services offer you the flexibility to make changes in bookings made at any time. Our cruise solution offers immediate access to various tools. Also, the time engaged in offering services gets reduced to a major extent which is further benefits you in offering value to your customers. The best thing about our Tecnoglare cruise solution is you can use it instantly. Appropriate data is what we deliver through our system as it establishes a direct link to cruise line booking.

Travel agencies can integrate a consumer booking engine that offers ease in bookings to end-users. It shows the accurate information related to the company name and other relevant details to visitors that maximize their confidence. We have changed the business experience of our various clients. Our only travel agency software connects the travel companies to all the travel service suppliers. Tecnoglare offers services irrespective of the client types. We offer them the opportunity to select the API for major GDS integration. Along with this our unparalleled security offer the comfort to work seamlessly to travel agents. Our travel agency software is connected with top suppliers of universal inventory such as airlines, buses, cruise, and vehicle hire, etc.

We understand that every business is not the same. They may be operating at different scales and in different budgets. Tecnoglare offers them services by taking care of their budget constraints. No compromise is made with the quality of services in order to reduce the budget. To streamline the booking process, control inventory and revenue management, we have maintained a great relationship with the successful.

It is our excellent software that changed the way travel agencies serve their customers and offer a platform for seamless booking to end-user. Our XML Gate is offering a platform in the form of B2B and B2C solutions to offer exclusive offers. We believe in the growth of travel agencies and customers must go hand in hand. Travel businesses are generating huge revenue by maximized sales using our advanced solutions.

We have a team of professionals who have expertise in XML, API integration. We are offering the advantage to our many clients that include travel operators, travel businesses and others with the help of our cruise booking system. Our booking system supporting them in managing data through a dashboard login facility. Cruise Booking Engine is becoming an advanced tool alluring mind of modern travelers or you can say they are changing their way to travel.

How Cruise API Helps Travel Businesses Grow?

Our cruise API helps businesses in the following ways

  • Improves existing computer systems
  • Advanced technology, extra functionalities and excellent features help businesses flourish.
  • Synchronize the sale process
  • Keep you aware of what’s trending in the travel industry
  • Cruise API solution customized to individual business needs.
  • Instant fix for technical issues
  • Compatible with all devices
  • It helps our client win customer confidence and attract more customers.
  • Improved network of partners
  • Supports dynamic pricing
  • Control over agent commissions
  • Automated booking process
  • Real-time information to end-users
  • Serve customers anywhere around the world
  • Connectivity with successful suppliers worldwide