GDS integration

Global Distribution System(GDS)- A Growth Factor

GDS stands for a global distribution system which is an arrangement of an automated network that is to be retained or executed by a company. The network allows affairs among the travel sector and suppliers such as airlines, hospitality, transport, and tour operator.

Most of the travel companies are wholly dependent on GDS for getting the real-time database. The GDS allows travel companies to collect data of airline, hotel room availability, ticket availability in other conveyances such as bus or car and fare, etc. Through API integration along with GDS such as Sabre, Amadeus in the booking engine it is possible to access data from several suppliers.

Significant Features Of GDS

  • GDS is responsible for allocating real-time data related to the travel industry.
  • Keeps the record of what the customer is looking for.
  • GDS ensures more booking and allocation of tickets.
  • Maintenance of sales records in terms of hotel or airline booking.
  • Helps in maintaining strong administrative control for travel companies.

GDS was evolved from airline collaboration which is now expanded its own business units along with with the launching of new output most specifically hotel availability.

Widely Used GDS

Amadeus-: Amadeus is one of the famous GDS providers these days. Lots of universal travel companies are using this GDS to get information on the airline industry, hotel industry, excursion industry and other info related to travel. In the last few decades, Amadeus GDS has made great progress and excel as the greatest travel information compiler throughout the world.

Sabres-: Sabre is the largest producer of the global distribution systems for flight booking system in North America. It was introduced in the year 1960. It was purchased by Texas Pacific Group and Silver Lake Partners in the year 2007. One of the best GDS provider for the hospitality industry which ensures tremendous growth.

Merger Of GDS For Travel Companies And Distributor Of Travel Solution

This is the need of the hour for travel companies to get well connected with GDS. GDS fulfills the information need for travel businesses. A connection with GDS requires to enter into an agreement for the company. The global distribution system allows travel companies to provide an end number of attractive travel solutions and relevant data to their customers, at affordable prices. The travel technology company deals in GDS integration in the booking engine system or travel portal of the company.

It is necessary to have these qualities in a GDS. The traveler gets all kinds of travel packages on the travel portal of the company. All information related to accommodation and the rented cab should be present on the travel portal or reservation system. More feasible information will attract more customers.  A GDS introduces great flexibility in checking available hotels together with the existing fare, concessions, room category, and amenities like internet connectivity and other hobbies of travelers.

The company can search for the excellent travel technology company to select a perfect GDS as per company requirement. There are a number of GDS provider available in the IT market. The company can choose or change their GDS provider anytime. For changing they need to cancel the activation of current GDS and enroll with another one.

How Much it cost to install a GDS?

To install a global distribution system in the booking engine of a company you need to bear a cost. The cost includes installation or sets up cost and a monthly cost per booking.

What Future Say’s For GDS

The GDS is a strong asset to assimilate travel content and it needs to be improved much more. The advancement in smartphone technology and wide internet connectivity are questioning the long-term existence of GDS. The use of GDS is decreasing as per the statistic difference between 2005 and 2011.

The airline industry is moving towards affordable and direct connectivity with the consumer to avoid GDS costs.

GDS nowadays are planning to acquire backend of the airline industry and have been trying to acquire stock of the cheapest supplier. If GDS fulfills the dynamic demand of advanced travel portal development for the airline sector then the chances of existence are high otherwise there is a threat to GDS providers.

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