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Being a leading Travel Technology company, Tecnoglare collaborates with online travel agencies, travel management solution providers, and travel technology novices. We support the businesses to bring a revolutionary change in their business, unreveal the possibilities and develop fresh value chains.


Tecnoglare is a preeminent travel technology company that offers remarkable Apollo GDS integration, A GDS that is well versed in offering the travel distribution system, technologies, and services for travel operators across the world. The travel operators involve travel agencies, businesses, travel suppliers and travel websites. 

flight booking software

We develop an Apollo GDS integrated travel software that includes all elements required to handle your bookings throughout the world. Our software serves your audience with real-time information such as flight schedules, room availability, pricing policies, and other rules, etc. On the other hand, it offers booking and ticketing features to travel distributors. Tecnoglare provides the Apollo GDS system combined with Apollo GDS. The integrated GDS system further provides an updated catalog and reservation. Also, it ensures an exceptional user experience. 

Apollo GDS API Integration

At Tecnoglare, we drive to offer web-oriented software and enhanced solutions. Our well merged Apollo GDS is proving an excellent interface for airlines to make aware travel businesses about their products. GDS enables the travel operators to browse, differentiate and reserve the prospects from different airlines.

We are indulged in creating Apollo GDS integrated travel websites for different travel service providers such as flights, accommodations, vehicles on hire, etc. 

Tecnoglare provides Apollo GDS integrated Global distribution services that deliver huge advantages to travel companies and ensure success to them. Our Apollo GDS integrated interface offers an adaptable and trustworthy platform to our worldwide clients in crafting their travel booking software. Come up with a system propelled with powerful fare data. For travel businesses and travel management businesses, We provide tailored enhanced solutions. These solutions include merged booking elements, online booking software, and multiple GDS services that supply your real-time data linked connected to your services on the global distribution systems.

To satisfy the need of your potential customer is our ultimate aim in designing, developing and completing your travel portal. This is what we achieve through the integration of Apollo GDS. We understand that every user need is different and that’s what we show by offering exceptional booking experience by B2C / B2B distribution channels.

Delivers excellence through exceptional travel reservation website. We are redefining the way you are keeping track of your daily business transactions. Also, it makes the travel booking less time taking process for visitors and helped businesses to manage it seamlessly. 

Tecnoglare empowers the travel companies with completely enhanced inventory distribution channels and travel management applications. We deliver exceptional service in B2B and B2C travel solutions that support all the interfaces such as mobile and others. Integration of enhanced API to pioneering GDS and online travel agencies make these solutions more efficient. We have served our many clients with ready to use solutions that perfectly suited their business need. Our solutions helped them in securing time and ease to launch their product immediately. We derive through a goal to come up with a spontaneous and secure solution to enhance their capabilities.

Transforming Online Booking Journey By Offering 

  • Different distribution channels such as B2C, B2B, customer support, front desk.
  • Reduced operating expense
  • Online reservation system for flight, hotel, travel package, car rental, excursion, and transfer booking.
  • Efficient GDS and API/XML integration
  • Fully automated system to handle booking efficiently 
  • Enhanced tool for detailed reporting