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Travel Website Development –  Only Way To Pace Up User Engagement And Revenue Generation

Being an expert travel portal development company in the US, Tecnoglare support business to optimize its product value. We have driven our efforts towards converting software from convention to cloud-based. To come up with a more abrupt travel portal solution for our clients that deliver flexibility and performance, We do continuous experiments with the internal and external client experience.

Tecnoglare is a leading travel technology company having expertise in offering effective web design and development solutions. Apart from this, we are determined to provide excellence in XML API Integration services to our end users.

With our dominant position as a travel portal development company, We provide a travel business best travel portal, and GDS, XML, and API Integration. Along with this, we also offer a hotel booking system and flight booking system by considering all the elements required for B2B & B2C Travel Portal Development. We build our solutions using extremely advanced technology, which further benefits the travel industry.

By implementing our advanced packaging system in your business, you can offer several travel products in a package all the time. The best travel portal services always include air transfer, car booking, hotel reservations, and much more. The end-user can demand travel services entirely and partially. For example, they can ask for a hotel, car and flight tickets or may for individual service only such as hotel booking only or car booking only, etc. Using our flexible packaging system, you can quickly provide customized services to your users.

Tecnoglare operates intending to create a completely adaptable solution for your business image enhancement. The solution supports the businesses in accomplishing their goals and enhancing performance at the same time.     

Tecnoglare is the profound provider of travel portal software from the very beginning. Through our excellent travel website development, we strengthen our clients to offer your customers what they expect. We have delivered a successful or profitable portal to travel agencies, hoteliers, holiday packages providers, and rental vehicle agencies, etc.

As the significant population is getting online these days, it is becoming essential to establish travel website development software that perfectly reflects your broad array of travel products.      

Through our customized and user-friendly solution, your customers can easily design the package of their choice. Customers will get the right services as they intend to avail of an online service provider. Accept it or not Travel portal development is the element that strongly presents your business online. Also, it opens the path to success. We have mainly designed our portal solution and software by keeping your business growth in mind. Being a pioneering service provider, Tecnoglare offers price-effective portal solutions for small to well-established companies. We do it by providing customized travel website solutions to you.

Being a profound travel technology company, we have a team of experts who design and develop solutions using advanced technologies and as per market requirements. Every business depends on their customer engagement on the website. To increase their engagement, we offer them more extensive product options, which became possible only by our excellent relationships with well-versed suppliers. In terms of connection with the supplier, we have our reach on the international level. GDS and real-time presence on the travel portal of various hoteliers, car rental providers, airline companies, and excursion bookers, we are deliberately reaching a level of excellence.       

travel website development company

All our experts have years of experience in developing a solution that makes our clients tackle all the continuous obstacles in their businesses. The challenges could be related to operating expenses, time engagement and management of records, etc. to bring excellence in every aspect. We have established a team to keep a check on the excellence part while developing travel website development and online travel business solutions. Also, we offer a competitive B2C & B2B travel portal to travel companies throughout the world.

Offering a single point solution consists of price, payment gateway, and distributor category is what we offer different in our solutions. We cover the need for business management companies and travel operators simultaneously.      

Solutions We Offer

Tecnoglare has gained excellence in offering the best solutions developed by using advanced technologies. All its expertise reveals its secure connection with the travel and tourism industry.

Travel Website Development

Through our competence in B2C B2B Travel Website Development, we enhance the competency of our clients. To accomplish this goal, we mainly focus on reducing operating expenses and enhanced capability. Tecnoglare comprised of travel portal development professionals who are transforming the travel industry with their remarkable knowledge, which they use in developing solutions. We have developed travel portal software by considering B2B and B2C end users.

Multiple Language and Currency Support

This travel portal solution enhances your reach to international clients as well. Our experts ensure that the relevant language currency pages can easily optimize for search engines and indexes with ease. We understand your goal of expanding your business on an international level. Through our excellent customized solutions, you can utilize our services worldwide.

Online Travel Portals and More Flexible Packaging System

Our best travel portal offers an option for our clients to make customized holiday packages. Our dynamic packaging system allows our clients to grab attractive deals from different suppliers such as flight, car rental hotel, an excursion, etc. and convert them into a single package as per their customer needs. Also, it offers flexibility to customers as well as they can design their packages. In short, our dynamic packaging system provides a platform for expedite package designing.

Highly Responsive And SEO Oriented Website

Every effort is a complete waste if your website is not responsive on all the devices. The devices include mobiles, tablets, and iPads, etc. While designing and developing a travel portal, We consider the optimization factor. We make it easily crawlable by search engines. Tecnoglare believes in delivering unparalleled and long-lasting competence to their clients. Easy navigation on your website will ultimately result in a brilliant user experience which has direct connectivity with business growth.

Our Competencies

Prolonged expertise of Tecnoglare in developing travel technology solutions along with a strong commitment to innovation compels its to come up with a portal solution that challenges the competitors and satisfy the customer.

  • Enhanced Content Management System
  • Bill or statement developer
  • Improved B2B Solution
  • Flexible deals as per user
  • Contact Forms
  • Inquiry Manager
  • My bookings
  • Excellent Filter buttons
  • Revising devices for front end
  • Platforms that support in mobile devices
  • Multiple and Integrated Payments Gateway
  • Reservation stream
  • Google Maps Search
  • Multiple Currency support 
  • Effective Currency Converter 
  • Enhanced Module For Reporting
  • Support reporting on various levels
  • B2B Agent platform
  • Admin Panel for B2B
  • Effective User Control
  • Chain Management
  • Chain for flight reservation
  • Offline Applications
  • Streaming for flight rejection
  • Streaming for postponing flights
  • Chain for hotel reservation
  • Streamlining package reservation
  • Transaction Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Arrangement for concession and additional earnings
  • Application for Group reservation
  • Traveler calendar
  • Sale data in excel
  • Facilitate supplier management
  • Inventory Management
  • Hotel Location Mapping
  • URL for Online Check-in
  • Department control
  • Potential

Why Tecnoglare Should Be Your Priority?

No doubt, enhanced products, and services are the keys to stand out among your customers. By joining hands with Tecnoglare, You can pace up your market possibilities, profitability. Supplier channels, management, user-friendly product, and enhanced travel portal software is the way to achieve this goal. and methods of delivering the product as per customer demand.

  • We have gained excellence in travel portal development
  • We benefit our client through the brilliance of supplier integration
  • Endless successful projects
  • Years of experience in this particular sector
  • Remarkable customer satisfaction
  • Offer universal availability to our customers
  • Developed strong relationships with various suppliers and GDS
  • Working with multiple sales channels such as B2C, B2B, and much more
  • Offers entirely seamless travel technology solution
  • Our solutions facilitate the online reservations of different travel products.
  • Ware specialized in the travel sector
  • Delivering our services universally
  • Uses Customer-oriented practices
  • We provide value for your hard-earned currency
  • Takes no time in marketing
  • Use different tactics for different clients.
  • We maintain transparency in charges
  • Offering clients one-stop solutions for different products

Main Features Our Solution Offers

Tecnoglare grows with their clients. By using our travel portal solution, a travel business can significantly reduce the promotion time for products. Along with this, it enhances the avenues of revenue generation. Customized experience to customers improved universal reach and other supported travel services.

  • We offer end to end booking management system
  • Allow the opportunity to maintain relationships with numerous suppliers and link with Global Distribution System
  • Provide an option for different payment gateways
  • Agent Control System
  • Manages various distribution channels
  • Offer a centralized back-office support
  • Complete control of B2B / B2C
  • Complete management of contracts
  • Offer MIS reports for a concise view
  • Allow control of supplier extranet
  • Vendor Management System
  • Allow reservation on 24/7 hours basis
  • Provide Extranet to get complete control of your agreed prices.
  • Provide option to make offline bookings or make necessary changes

B2B Portal Features

To make your business flexible and stand out from the competition, Tecnoglare uses its years of experience to move your business from conventional to cloud-based travel portal software. Implementing our solution, you can completely change the user experience on your website effectively.

  • In this, we facilitate LIVE booking feature
  • Using our profound solution, you can create as many agents you want
  • Empower agent to raise tickets and invoices by approving the online application
  • Through this, we support increased efficiency of human resource
  • Implementing this simple solution agent can develop their team.
  • It enables the agents to develop sub-agents further
  • Opportunity to earn additionally and set margin over supplier rates
  • With our solution reliability and security go hand in hand for your business
  • It also allows the multi-site environment
  • Allow booking in multiple currencies
  • Provide Dashboard control for admin and subagent user
  • Offer control panel for admin and creation of Agent profile
  • Provide information regarding past bookings
  • Users can complete their travel service booking for accommodation, flights, transfer, excursion, insurance, vehicle rental at any time.
  • It offers a user-friendly way to connect or disconnect a customer, agent, or distributor, etc.
  • Comprised of a reservation system which is adjusted for best prices and acquainted with flexible packaging 
  • Enhanced Extranet and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for different service providers.
  • Provide committed team assistance
  • Enable past data on your account
  • Maintained centralized invoicing solution
  • The additional earnings depend on subagents
  • Allow access to the payment and past performance
  • Keep the record of sub-agent profiles and login details
  • Credit management
  • Agreed terms will be the basis of prices
  • The solution generates a file for accounts and products automatically

Benefits That White Label Travel Portal Development Allow -:

Tecnoglare expanded its reach to craft a more enhanced platform to come up with great solutions for the travel industry. Here are the advantages of Tecnoglares White label travel portal development that perfectly matches your brand.

  • White Label Integration plays a significant role in enhancing your business reputation.
  • White label travel portal solution secure valuable time and money
  • This makes your brand unique from competitors

By implementation our white label solutions, you can focus on your company’s essential matters. Being supportive in developing a unique image of your business enables you to market a product without losing your money on technology development. This travel portal further helps in easily converting the leads. To offer the best content to our clients, we work with remarkably bringing excellent travel suppliers, GDS, and consolidators in one place.

Our Product Comprised Of

Being a remarkable travel solution provider, we support our clients to turn their business challenges into winning possibilities

  • Sudden travel plans
  • Hired vehicles
  • Travel insurances
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Bus
  • Cruise
  • Ferry
  • Payment Gateway
  • Travel attractions, things to do and enjoyment, etc
  • Train
  • Travel Management Software
  • Enhanced B2B Solution

Travel Portal Development- A Travel Technology Solutions That Triggers Your Business Success

The travel industry is experiencing a considerable change these days, so their needs. It is significant to analyze whether your business is advanced enough to bear this change. We being your remarkable travel portal development company in the UK, supports you at every step.

  • Tecnoglare delivers excellent performance to its clients with the support of compatible travel technology, best travel portal development solutions, and highly skilled API specialists. Apart from this, we have been supporting many supplier travel agencies and other travel service providers in accomplishing their aim. We make them capable of analyzing the factors drawing sales and reservations. Along with this, we offer improved online presence to them. Our travel portal solution reviews the audience they want.
  • With the development of the right portal solutions, Tecnoglare provides access to tailored travel portal development services to our customers. To cover all the areas of B2B and B2C portal development and travel API integration, we offer complete consultation. By considering the exact needs of the client business, we provide the best travel portal development services. Using our solutions, you can reduce the marketing time to indulge in products. Our solution further makes your business reach higher.

Features of Travel Portal Development

An active travel portal development consists of many significant features as they are the reason behind the automated travel business. Our solution offers the following features

  • Our solution provides robust reporting
  • It consists of Google Maps merged in it.
  • It offers assistance in multiple languages.
  • Properly integrated payment gateways
  • Allow transaction in multiple currencies
  • Offer distribution at various levels
  • Offer flexible caching of price
  • Enable enhanced social integrations
  • Gives complete authority to manage earnings and profit percent
  • Support billing and settlement plan
  • Give access to a wide range of products and suppliers
  • Supports different sales channels
  • Tremendously reduces the expense engaged in completing an order.
  • Responsible for timely audit and reliability.
  • Highly responsive to various devices
  • Offer speed in bookings and approval for completed bookings
  • Streamlined invoices settlement
  • Has the capability to operate more departments and several customers
  • Automatically fix credit limit and deposits
  • Offer a platform to sell products as per customer interest

How We Ensure Effectiveness in Travel Portal Development Cost?

  • Our API enables travel service providers to use the data of different suppliers and select the right prices universally. Tecnoglare accomplishes this goal by providing a highly capable flight search tool coupled with the reservation systems for travel businesses. We do not neglect the quality standards for reducing travel portal development costs. 
  • Tecnoglare mainly focuses on delivering innovative and cost-effective technology services and software solutions to its clients. Our efficient solutions support our clients in effectively organizing and accomplishing business goals.
  • Our API enables travel service providers to use the data of different suppliers and select the right prices universally. Tecnoglare accomplishes this goal by providing a highly capable flight search tool coupled with the reservation systems for travel businesses. We do not neglect the quality standards for reducing travel portal development costs. 
  • Tecnoglare mainly focuses on delivering innovative and cost-effective technology services and software solutions to its clients. Our efficient solutions support our clients in effectively organizing and accomplishing business goals.